1. Does this include the helmet?
    No, Pogginz are ONLY the detachable accessories that make the helmet super cool.
  2. Do I need a special helmet to use my Pogginz?
    Nope, Pogginz will attach to ANY kind of sport helmet. A smooth flat surface works best though.
  3. How do Pogginz attach to helmets?
    Pogginz attach to helmets using a strong hook and loop system. Strong enough to stay put but not so strong that little fingers can’t take them off to trade or remove.
  4. Can the hook piece be removed from from my helmet once we are finished with Pogginz?
    Absolutely! A parent can pull the hook piece off the helmet when the child is through. If any residue remains just use Goo Gone to remove.
  5. What should I do if we lose the hook piece that goes on the helmet or need more attachment pieces for other helmets (some folks like to use their Pogginz on more than one helmet- such as bike helmet to ski helmet and vice versa)?
    Just contact the seller and we will gladly send you more attachment pieces for $2.00 shipping.
  6. What if we lose one piece of the set? (i.e. one of the dino spikes)
    Shucks- what’s a dinosaur without a tail or a shark without a fin? Not as much fun- that’s what. Therefore, we will replace a single piece for $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Are you interested in selling Pogginz in your store? (We don’t blame you) Just contact us for more info on wholesale prices.