Healthy Holiday Stories and Snacks




Many of these are so easy that the picture will be all you need- no instructions necessary. Just put the ingredients in front of your little snackers with a picture and let them create. Kids always like to eat what they help create. After you make the snack settle in for a story or movie that goes with the theme.


1You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch. So cute and how simple are these? Just put the ingredients out with the toothpicks and let them make their own. Once the plate is full of little Grinches how fun would it be to snack on these while you read the book or watch the movie. Both are classics.

2Make sure to get pretty red apples and notice how they are cut bluntly on the end to make the candy cane look even. You do the cutting and they do the assembly. May want to dip in some lemon juice so they don’t turn brown. The Story of the Candy Cane would be a good one for this.

Everyone needs a little protein and the egg is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. Held together with toothpicks. They used peppercorns for the eyes and 3buttons and carrot pieces for the hat and nose. Love those parsley arms!

Another classic story/ movie follow up with Frosty the Snowman.The part where he melts always makes us cry. These would be great for a group of kids or a little holiday party. They could even pin the tail on the snowman or play musical chairs to the Frosty song!4

5So, this could take a little longer than the others but think of the pride they will feel when it is finished! And it is perfect for a Christmas party. Start with a Styrofoam cone you can get at any craft store and lots of toothpicks. Have some small cookie cutter for the cantaloupe and a star cutter for the top. Don’t forget the lettuce at the bottom. Put that there first so you don’t have to move the tree once it is finished. Really gives it a finished look. A simple yogurt dip made with: plain yogurt, a little orange juice and a little honey would be nice next to this. Put the big pieces in first and fill in with the grapes.

imageWe certainly can’t leave the big guy out! These Santas are perfect on a white plate but we chose to use a banana above his cap instead of whipped cream. We also decorated his front with cookie decorations. Why not snuggle up to this movie with some all time favorite Christmas tunes you will remember from your childhood?image

We hope these help to inspire you and help take the guess work out of how to create those special family moments you will always remember. Perhaps some will even become traditions in your home.

Happy Holidays!