Keeping Kids Safe and Warm on the Slopes

2 Kids Ski with Pogginz helmet

Ahhh… fresh powder, bright sunny skies and nothing on the schedule but a full day of skiing. You are warmed up and ready to go but wait… what is that you hear? “Mom, I’m COLD! I wanna go in now.” Ugh- seriously?! Nothing can take the fun out of a family ski trip more quickly than cold, wet kids or a trip to the ER. Preparation is key so get ready with the right gear.

Here are some essentials to keeping your little shredders safe and warm:

  1. Base Layer – Layers are key. Start off with an insulated layer, ideally one that is moisture wicking. This will allow little ones to shed a layer or two as they start to work up a sweat
  2. Second Layer – We like a fleece top or jacket here. REI and LL Bean both make good quality fleece.
  3. Socks – Nothing will bring kids in quicker than cold feet. Moisture wicking socks like SmartWool are the best! Stick to one pair since two pairs usually bunch up and get uncomfortable.
  4. Waterproof Boots – Most kids will want to play in the snow when not skiing so a pair of good quality boots is essential. Bogs brand is a good one for both warmth and durability.
  5. Helmet – The debate is long over. Just as they would while riding a bike, kids need to wear a helmet while skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and sledding. Giro Crüe MIPS is a good one. Also, consider visibility on the slopes to help you find them easily and to improve their chances of not being run into. Pogginz helmet accessories with their sparkly glitter vinyl make them easy to see, and they won’t want to take their helmet off when they come inside!
  6. Waterproof Gloves/Mittens – Mittens work best for young kids. Although not cheap, Hestra will keep little hands warm and dry. They also come with a carabiner to attach to each other or their jacket (which is a good thing when you are paying over fifty bucks a pair).
  7. Goggles – Learn from our mistakes, sun glasses will NOT cut it when the snow is flying. And swim goggles? Well, let’s not go there. You don’t have to have the fanciest ones here but something with UV protection is a good idea.
  8. Waterproof Pants and JacketColumbia makes good ones for the money. Look for a jacket with a removable liner for warmer days.
  9. Sun Screen – Yep, that’s right. Sun reflects off the snow and, even on cloudy days, is stronger than you think.

This is the time of year when most places are putting their ski gear on sale so be sure to stock up for next ski/ snowboard season. Here’s to a happy safe shredding experience for the whole family!

Got any tips for keeping kiddos safe and dry on the slopes? We would love to hear them!