Making Fitness and Safety Fun for Kids

Claire - Owner and Chief Roller, Pogginz

Claire – Owner and Chief Roller, Pogginz

My name is Claire O’Neal and I am a homeschool mom who loves to swim, bike and run, especially outdoors. While on a bike ride training for a race I began thinking of ways to make my helmet, a crucial piece of safety gear, more fun to wear. The more I thought about it the more I realized that this was something that could get kids really excited about wearing their helmets and being more active.

On the outside Pogginz is pure FUN but on the inside it battles two issues I am passionate about; helmet safety and childhood obesity. With a background as a registered nurse I have seen firsthand the results of head injuries and wearing a helmet is an easy way to prevent them and possibly save a life. I am also concerned about the time our children spend indoors in front of screens.

I wanted to create a product that would encourage kids to be outdoors and moving… and having a blast while doing it!

With Pogginz, kids, and kids at heart, can change their look without changing their helmet. These helmet accessories are made out of easy to clean sparkle vinyl and stuffed with a soft material. They attach to ANY type of sport helmet using a strong hook and loop system that can be completely removed at any time. Now kids can be anything from a skateboarding dinosaur to a bike riding princess.

I am very excited to have created something that encourages kids to be safe while expressing their own unique spirit.