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Pogginz – Awesome Helmet Accessories

There’s a little bit of kid in all of us, and from time to time we need to let it out. Pogginz‘s Helmet Accessories are a fun and colorful addition to your sport helmets and I personally think they’re pretty cool.


From the moment we shared photos of the kids wearing the Pogginz, the response by parents, kids and adults alike has been unanimously positive with everyone being impressed with them.


So, what is a Pogginz? It’s one of a number of accessories like Shark fins, dionsaur spikes, teeth, horns or even a tiara, all made of Glitter Vinyl. They attach to a helmet via hook and loop fasteners (read Velcro) to your helmet. It’s a simple concept, but really well executed.

Why would you buy them?

First of all, the kids love them. As soon as they saw the package, they wouldn’t rest until we had put them on their helmets. After that, they showed them off to their friends and the kids at the ski-school. They were an instant hit. My kids did begin to adopt the personality of their new found Pogginz identities, much to the chagrin of their younger siblings.


Another great benefit that we discovered on the hill was that it was immediately obvious which kids were ours with their shark fin and dinosaur tails.

Oh and they’re really reasonably priced: $15 USD ($19 CAD).


Tips and Suggestions


When you mount a tail on your helmet, take note of how it will interact with any hoods on jackets. We opted to mount the helmet below the goggle hook on the kids’ helmets and for one of the kids that resulted in the tail falling off. Our recommendation is to either remove the goggle hook or mount the tail about the hook to avoid this problem.



Your kids will love this… Adults will love this. I’d get a good chuckle out of having a Pogginz on my helmet while I did some tricks on the half-pipe… if I could do some tricks on the half-pipe.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from the Pogginz, but they’ve turned out to be a huge hit and a fun addition to our outdoor adventures.

Check them out here on Etsy or at their website