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The best virtual reality headsets you can buy

If you are curious to know what is virtual reality, you are going to need a headset. VR is a simulated experience that makes your brain believe you stepped into the Matrix-like world. A search for virtual reality headsets on Amazon is currently giving 20 pages of results and a bucket load of ads all over the page.

 So how do you choose a good headset?

Thanks to the mass market production, VR headsets are now available starting from $20 right up to several thousands of dollars. Let us walk you through the best headset at each price point. Our personal favorite is the Oculus Go.

The very affordable VR headset: Pansonite

Hundreds of white labelled VR headsets are hitting the market daily. But only a few can boast of the design success and low price like Pansonite. This VR headset maker has released an upgraded version which is lighter, has better adjustments and improved lenses than the earlier version. At $50, it is one of the most affordable smartphone based headsets. All you need is an Android-powered smartphone and you are ready for your first VR experience.

Brilliant Standalone headset: Oculus Go

Oculus Go is the best value for money you can get in the market. It is a standalone headset, meaning you don’t need a Gamer PC or a console to use it. Just download the Oculus app to your smartphone, and load the games, wirelessly connect the Oculus Go and you are ready for one of the best VR experiences $200 can buy. Oculus store has a big bunch of VR experiences and games. The headset also comes with a pair of controllers to make the gaming even more enjoyable.

Amazing VR for PC: Oculus Rift

The granddaddy of VR, Oculus Rift takes virtual reality to a different level in terms of experience. This is a not a cheap system. It will set you back about $400 when purchased with the Touch controllers. You will need a powerful PC to supply the processing power needed to play this monster. Be prepared to be blown away by the realistic nature of gaming or videos experiences when using Rift. The only disadvantage is the need for a PC.

For the consoles: PlayStation VR

Sony did not want to stay behind in the VR scene. So they launched PlayStation VR to go with the PlayStation console. if you already have a PlayStation, this would be a nice addition. In case you don’t have a console, choose Oculus Go.


They have a created a new segment just for VR experience in the PlayStation store so you will never run out of content. Many game creators have released a VR version of their game as an add-on. So check it out before you make a buy decision. PlayStation VR costs about $260 without the console.

While Apple has stayed away from VR, the iPhone can play VR video to a certain extent. There are several iPhone VR videos you can watch on the YouTube.