Augmented and virtual reality products to get excited about in 2018 -

Augmented and virtual reality products to get excited about in 2018

Since early 2017, VR devices became a big hit in the market and in the following year, the development work stalled as the industry tried to reassess its priorities. Though VR is a big deal, its applications are limited to certain specific domains. In contrast, Augmented Reality is said to be the biggest technological leap since the advent of the Internet. So we went to CES to find out the new Augmented and virtual reality devices that will come into the market in 2018.

Here is what we found out.


HTC Vive Pro

Virtual Reality devices step into a new dimension with the release of this monster VR gear. It allows you to walk through the VR world. The new design boasts of 2150 x 1200p resolution, spatial audio and comes with a wireless adapter to give you a wire-free experience.

Vuzix Blade

Vuzix, a NewYork based Startup is bringing an AR-enabled glass called ‘Blade’. The device looks like a regular pair of sunglasses but has a user interface projected on the right-hand lens. You can use the touchpad on the side to navigate or use the built-in Alexa voice commands. It also includes a forward facing camera and provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Rokid Glass

Rokid Glass was presented in the CES 2018 by the Chinese company which has an extensive experience in AI and robotics. The glass is similar to Vuzix but has only a 35-degree viewing angle. The UI is projected only to one eye, just like Vuzix. Though it is a standalone device with a built-in processor, it can also connect with your phone. Rokid is working on integrating voice and gesture controls in the next version. Some form of AI will also be added to the device in the future.


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