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Augmented and virtual reality products to get excited about in 2018

Since early 2017, VR devices became a big hit in the market and in the following year, the development work stalled as the industry tried to reassess its priorities. Though VR is a big deal, its applications are limited to certain specific domains. In contrast, Augmented Reality is said to be the biggest technological leap […]



 Are virtual reality headsets safe

Virtual Reality games’ popularity has made VR headsets the most requested gift for Christmas this year. But the technology is notorious for its side effects. Every parent is concerned about the effects of VR on their children’s development. We all want to know if Virtual Reality headsets are safe to use.  Unfortunately, there is no […]



What phones support VR?

Virtual Reality became a mainstream entertainment and educational tool since early 2017. With the advent of Oculus, the technology took a giant leap in the last four years. When Facebook brought Oculus, Google did not want to be left behind. Because they knew VR will become a multi billion-dollar industry within a few years.  So […]